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Luke, I’ve been in printing for quite a while now so I may be able to offer some insights.

With the environmentally friendly range, I’ve found almost everyone would prefer that option provided it isn’t more expensive than the standard option.

I’ve reduced my profit margin on my green and recycled stocks (I’m an environmentalist at heart) and sales of that style of product has almost doubled.

If I was you, I’d go ahead with the first option.

– It’s not hard to compete with the likes of Snap, KwikKopy, MBE etc because they are all part of a franchise and thus pay royalty fees. As an independent, you don’t have such a burden and can be more flexible with your prices.

– In my experience (and my current customers experience) They all have terrible customer service & turnaround times.

– When I started I knew I had a bit of competition, so I knew I had to do something different to get up and running. I did this by meeting clients at their place of work, this way they didn’t have to leave their office to organise their printing. Plus, I organised some great deals with reliable courier companies and can now offer free delivery Australia wide (Which is also a big hit).

It’s a shame you didn’t get into things in the GFC, because believe it or not the printing industry actually went pretty well. A lot of savvy business owners knew that if they were to keep business ticking along they will need to do more marketing = more printing.

Best of luck with your new venture, if I can be of any assistance in any way, please feel free to email me.