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the shipping quotes have come in at $7900 – $8200, I have just bumped it up to $8500 as I’m sure there will be hidden costs.
Gst and duty are not included in that price, as each bulk order the total product $ will alter depending how much of each particular product I purchase.
I have though incoporated the GST and duty charges into my financials for that first shippment.

The $8500 is door to door service.

National courier service is my main hurdle now as the large print chemistry suppliers either charge a flat rate of $10 or free if your order is over $100. Now so far TNT seem to have the best rates but I will not be able to pass on the full courier cost to the client.

The next step if I do choose the chemistry supply business is to test the products, for my own piece of mind. Should the Manufacturer who wants a distributor here in Australia, cover some of the costs (ie: flying out a sample pack) ?
As I have the following costs once it gets here (I will be testing it at my old workplace)
– 8 -14hr printers wage weekend work
– two new water rollers
– plates / stock
– re-fill of there fountain tanks.
Total minimum $1500