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Emroy, first would like to say; great website you have. Clear and easy to navigate.
All to often print company websites are a disaster to navigate, it’s almost like their trying to see how much can fit to a page.

The feeback I recieved through surveys when compiling the printing business plan was that a lot of businesses are concerned with the environmental impact.
The question is if I do enter the market here offering a sustainable printing business, which you could clasify as a niche in this region, how long befor the other printing business realise the benefits and alter their production system. As you now the industry is evolving rapidly, and I do have to ask myself will I as a relative new commer have the funding down the track to make change and stay with the technology.

On the other hand the press chemistry supply I have a broad coverage:
o Conventional SheetFed
o Commercial Heat Set
o Heat Set Book Manufacturing
o News Print
o Packaging Web & SheetFed
o Energy Curable (UV or EB) Web or SheetFed

Over the next few weeks will be testing the chemistry then onto face to face market research.
It will be at that stage a final decision will be made.