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Sorry, meant to list that too, yes during the survey price was a major factor. The overall result was a yes to environmental ways but only if the price was the same or similar to standard paper jobs.

Understanding that if a print company wishes to have their house stock as 100% recycled with the highest level of post consumer fibre in it, the paper is dearer then a quality standard paper.
But this cost can be offset by utilising low VOC bio based chemistry.
No IPA (isopropanol in the fountain solution)
Vegetable based roller wash (use 50% less than a petrochemical solvent)
Low voc high solid vegetable based ink (Use less if you use the correct fount solution, as there is no solvent breaking down the ink.

“I think we got a pretty clear understanding about commitment to sustainability after the Copenhagen talks … Sure, everyone would love to hypothetically do something about it, but when it actually comes to spending money that’s a completely different thing!”

This is what concerns me about the Chemical business, there are printing business that have and will put the time in, to switch to bio based products but how excepting is the standard print shop that’s been using the same petrochemical product for umpteen years without a glitch going to be, with no laws permitting them too; they may feel why bother?

At least with the print company I can still offer all the standard paper ranges, and not be corned in a niche.

Any way back on track:

To offer an online web shop ordering system straight away for the chemical distribution business?
Start with standard Fax / Email ordering for simplicity, then incorporate the web shop down the track?