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lukew, post: 24293 wrote:
Understanding that if a print company wishes to have their house stock as 100% recycled with the highest level of post consumer fibre in it, the paper is dearer then a quality standard paper.

Just one more thing before we move on, this isn’t necessarily better for the environment as a whole. Sometimes (read often) in the process of breaking down this post consumer waste for reuse, it’s overall worse for the environment because of the energy required in doing so.

lukew, post: 24293 wrote:
To offer an online web shop ordering system straight away for the chemical distribution business?
Start with standard Fax / Email ordering for simplicity, then incorporate the web shop down the track?

I would definitely go online. It doesn’t sound like you have a huge range of products and faxes are incredible archaic, they aren’t used often anymore. (More info here) Plus, if you want to be environmentally friendly, faxes waste paper, toner, electricity, time and money.

Plus an online shop allows people to browse information about your products easily.

Although, in saying all that Genesis which is offering a similar product to what you are talking about (website here) Doesn’t have an online shop and they do pretty well.

The costs aren’t too high and there are some incredibly talented designers and e-commerce specialist on this forum who could help you. (Far too many to name individually).