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Hey Andy,

There are a few factors you need to consider when trying to understand why your site isn’t converting.. these are;

– Where are the users coming from?
– How are they finding your site?
– What are they looking for?

The best way to get these types of answers is with something like Google Analytics and the Search Engine Webmaster Tools also help.

Once you know how the site is performing and how your traffic is behaving you can start to work out whether;

Your site isn’t set up right – no call to action, no ‘Clickabilty’

– Is there anything on your page that screams out to the visitor ‘CLICK ME!’ within the first 10 secs?
– What is it you are offering? Why would they contact you? What makes you so good?

The type of traffic you are attracting isn’t the right type – your visitors aren’t targeted to your market
– Need to see where you are marketing your site – if its via business cards and word of mouth.. those visitors already know you, why would they contact you again?
– Try and find new visitors, look at getting an SEO guy to set your site up properly and help you generate targeted traffic!

There is quite a bit to making your visitors convert.. and you need to realise it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen for free either, can I suggest maybe buying some ad space on fitness forums – putting a flyer up at your local gyms, even look into AdWords and Facebook Advertising!

Hope that helps.. best of luck.