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ickle Kids
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Hi there,

I like the simplicity of the website – modern and fresh.

Here are my thoughts:

* The home page doesn’t really jump out at me. Can you try breaking up the text a bit – shorter sentences, bullet points, highlighting important points in bold etc. You can add links in here to other pages as well – good for seo I think.
* Also, noticed on the PT and Cycling page – you have “options” on the side – which really is a price list. I didn’t think that from the heading to be honest – have you thought of changing this to be really obvious? Sorry, could be me being a bit slow (been looking after 3 tearaways today!). I think this is an important factor that should be on your home page – people are price conscience and could be something that they may not be seeing when they hit your home page – so decide to click off. Just a thought.

Anyway, hope this kind of helps.

Would love to hear how you get on.