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Hey Andy,
The first thing that jumps at me when I land on your home page the lack of personality.
A personal trainer is someone you have to relate to on a personal level and there is no way I would use this site as an in to find that person.
The imagery on the front page needs to include you and your team [if any] mention specialities, all dressed ready to knock someones socks off for resting during a trainout…
Emphaiss on discipline {you} and empathy {them} and all those things needed to be successful in acheiving fitness goals etc etc…

I would strongly suggest that you personify your site as if you are talking with the customer in person and not via an impersonal web site. Minimise generic images and get some real ones…happening.

Also offer a live help desk or “Send for return phone call” button.
Every page should have at least one high quality “pump-em” type original image and mention “free” consultations…

just some thoughts… [ some I could take on board and use myself I must admit….
Ps if you want a hand with the photography let me know…