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Welcome jdaley to an interesting forum. We may not be able to help you with sidecar racing but lets see what we can do to help you get motivated again.

At 67 I can understand losing your motivation, but a 7 year old is reason enough to try and get it back.

Apart fron sidecar racing which business gives youthe most satisfaction?

many years ago I was involved in the sales and marketing of a small manufacturing business which produced photographic and picture frames, and I hear that really good picture framers are getting harder to find by the day.

In Sydney we have framing shops in many of our shopping centres but they are not whatI would call ‘professional’

So young fella tell us more, then some of the great young gunns on this forum will probably come up with some great ideas thaat you and I would not have even thought about, thats because they think outside the square, so welcome and enjoy the friendships here