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I think both give me lots of satisfaction when I think about it.
The Hardware is one of a few independent hardwares around and it reflects my own workshop and everything I need to use.
The Picture Framing is full Custom framing specialising in the unusual. Its not in a shopping centre and I have had it for 29 years. I employ 2 there and 4 at the Hardware.

I have systems in place that are drifting to the bottom drawer, and one bad egg as a staff member so I am not desperate., c.w. others.
At 60y.o. the 7 y.o. has made me learn skills I never knew existed, currently its head lice, school shoes again and nice dresses on hand! then there are the new rules she comes home from other friends houses- Newspapers and magazines in a box in the bathroom, toilet seats down, special cups and no vegetalbes! etc