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John I can seriously empathise AND sympathise with you.

I am 59 and my wife and I have 3 children (girl 11, boy 9, girl 7 – going on 15, 11 and 9 I recon) which we didn’t really expect, it wasn’t supposed to happen. When No. 1 was born my wife tells me I can’t retire till 70, I think that’s about 75 + at present.

And yes, it is the kind of situation that kinda inspires one to forge ahead into worlds never thought likely – or possible.

My early working career was electrical trades in what would now be considered very primitive technology. Guess who is now dealing with the latest in digital video etc.. When I started one went to tech. college or uni. to learn. Now I largely teach myself using the internet. I am working now in areas not possible when my first was born, some things even since my 3rd was born, and I love what I do.

So if your curiosity is roused, then do something about it. You might learn more than you expected and find you even enjoy what you do even more.