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Your site could certainly do with an overhaul.. but first you should ask yourself a few questions (and I would hope any web guy worth thier salt would do the same!)

Why do you need a new website? Do you think you are losing sales because of your site? Does it not do what you want it to do?

Do you want more sales? If so.. do you think a new website would give you that, or would it be better to focus your efforts on Online marketing? Or Both?

Once you work out what it is you want, you should chat to a few web guys, tell them what you are trying to achieve… they should be able to come back with a solution for you.

When choosing a web team you dont just want someone who can make a pretty site, you want someone that understands business and who can actually solve your problems as well as help you market your site, increase conversions and increase sales.

The old ‘build it and they will come’ doesn’t apply any more.. the e-commerce market is very competitive and you need to look at all aspects of an online presence – website, marketing, conversions, analysis sales etc…

In terms of the Grant.. sure you should try and get it.. it would certainly be worth starting to at least chat to web teams now so you can get an idea of costs so you can apply for the grant with all the info you need and be ahead of the game!