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exstatic, post: 24189 wrote:
In terms of the Grant.. sure you should try and get it..

OK, this got my interest. I am aware of a grant scheme released early 2009 for the 2009/10 budget by the Federal govt, but it did not include to my .. limited knowledge I will admit, a grant for small businesses to get a site built.

My understanding of the grant is called the “Small Businesses Online” grant which specifically allows training providers the opportunity to bid for the grant from $50K to $500K to build online portals to assist small business owners in getting online. This was a training tool for small business owners, not a grant for them to get a website developed.

Can anyone correct me here? Have I got this wrong… is there something I should know??????

I went here to find this information: http://www.business.gov.au/Grantfinder/Grantfinder.aspx (This is in flash… be warned if you don’t have flash installed)