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Chris Bates
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Before you go rushing off paying some web designer thousands of dollars, slow down and think…

What’s the goal of your website, and is it achieving it?
Do you have any metrics to look at, is your website converting users into customers?
Do you want MORE customers?

Your website PUSHES people out of the shop. Could you imagine going to Coles and grabbing a bottle of milk, taking it to the checkout, then going to get bread, and taking that to the checkout, then the butter, etc etc.

You’d hate it, so why make your customers do it on your website?

Do you get recurring customers? If not, WHY not? Especially in your industry, you want them coming back again and again.

What about driving traffic? What strategies do you have in place to get people coming to your website? What strategies do you have for getting those visitors BUYING from your site? What strategies do you have in place for getting those customers to RETURN?

What are you REALLY looking to do? Make your website look pretty, or grow your business?