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Ranggamati, post: 24209 wrote:
Hi all

First post so please be gentle.

I run an incorporated charity and currently outsource payroll and EOY accounts to our accountants (we are under the threshold for a full audit). I don’t know if it’s just becuase I don’t ‘know’ it very well but Sage seems so convaluted after using Quicken.

I do our day to day book keeping on Sage v2009, which I bought on the advice of our accountants after our computer upgrade wouldn’t support our Quicken 2002 software.

However, I really don’t like doing the book keeping and find that it takes up quite a bit of my time, I suppose because I don’t really undersand ‘proper’ accountancy/book keeping methods and just muddle along no.

So to the point then – I am now looking to offload the book keeping and am looking for suggestions as to the best way to to it:

1. Outsource to our current accountants (have received an eye watering quote)

2. Outsource to a self employed book keeper

3. Employ a part time book keeper

4. Train up a member of staff (least favourite)

Any opinions and advice gratefully recieved.

Thanks in advance.

I may be Bias but i would like to see a bookkeeper do the work as they can do both the Payroll and prepare the EOY for the accountant and Yes, as Kris said, get the Bookkeeper to have a chat with your accountant so they are both on the same page. Also try and find a Bookkeeper that knows Sage. and have a read of this article wonderful stuff for both you and the Bookkeeper http://www.flyingsolo.com.au/p315407684_Ten-questions-to-ask-your-bookkeeper.html

Best of luck