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Hi Ranggamati

A great way to alleviate the isolation as a self employed bookkeeper is to join an association like Australian Bookkeepers Network – http://www.austbook.net – this excellent resource provides such things as

    Regular Coffee Clubs in various locations around Australia
    Bookkpeers Knowledge Base on topical issues
    BAS Wizard
    BAS Agentfor members under new laws to commence on 1 Mar 10
    Bi-annual national conference
    Bookkeeper Intensive Days
    Bookkeeper-Client Connect – a secure storage and “transfer” solution
    Bookies Bulletins
    Partner deals for insurance, telecommunications, online storage etc
    In development – Pillars of Public Practise -a complete solution for the contract bookkeeper
    Bookkeeper Training/Mentoring etc
    and an excellent on line forum for discussion with other like minded professionals

All this for $35/Mth

The online forum is an excellent resource for solving problems on the spot – many members have been around the traps for a number of years and are very willing to share their experience and expertise with newer members

Send me an email to [email protected] if you would like any further info