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jan delmas
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It also depends on what you mean by ‘grow’. Do you want to grow:

  • your revenue
  • number of clients
  • market share
  • what / who you do cleaning for eg. private, strata, commercial

I recommend you take the time to sit down and work out what it is you want from your business eg. lifestyle, retirement, sell off, franchise and so on, and then put together a strategic / business plan. It doesn’t have to be a huge document, just something that articulates what you want to do and how you plan to get there. Once you have your roadmap you can then develop more specific goals and actions to move you forward.

That way you can also measure how successful you are in achieving your growth strategy and whether your goals and actions are the right ones at any point in time.

Unless you define what ‘grow’ means to you how do you know if you are growing?

Hope this helps.