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Hello S&E

There are a few ways to grow a cleaning business, but this also depends on your skills, and also if you wish to deal with staff etc.

As a number of people on this thread have indicated you really need to find your Unique Selling Point, which in cleaning may not be very different, but there is no reason why not to promote it as different.

Also do you tend to do commercial or domestic?

If you are doing Domestic have you considered offering more then the average cleaning company? Go one step further, for example your cleaning staff can also put the washing in for clients, you can then send in another member of staff to attending to ironing (all in the same day), your cleaners can also put away the grocery shopping (for example the owner organises to have there Online Grocery delieveried on the day your Person is there)

You can also offer a declutter service, were you assist with the client to get organised ( you do not need to do this yourself you can outsource to others that you may wish to work with that could also send you leads)
You can also offer seasonal cleaning, e.g sprining cleaning, polishing the silver, cleaning windows, shampoo carpets, wax furniture, polish floors

The list is really endless, just think of what you hate doing for yourself and likely someone out there also hates it and is willing to pay to have it done.

Commercial cleaning is hard, as you often deal with business with tight budgets and high expectations of quality of clean.

My advice would be grow a Domestic Angles Cleaning Company, as I do not know of one female that likes doing this.

Keep us updated

Good Luck with it