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A little story:
I purchased a Toshiba SAT lap top to do my web work which I did mostly from pubic transport [trains] coffee shops and restaurants [ lifestyle choice ok]
Firstly I had quite a few people enquire about the lap top [ commissioned referrals]
Secondly, at the time I was using a new product first distributed by Three for USB mobile broadband. The number of enquiries I got was amazing.
I approached 3 for some stickers to put on my lap tops lid and if they would be interested in commissioned referrals…to my surprise they were far from impressed…[ which was utterly amazing] – maybe a bad day hey?

In the 6 months I used 3 I could have referral sold probably 20 or so of these $300 [ at the time ] packages. $6 K at say 20% commission is $1200…

Thus paying for my lap top and broadband use simply by using the lap top in public.
How many persons have an innate curiosity when a lap top is opened in publc?

the lid is fantastic advertising space…
thus turning a cost centre into a profit centre