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Interesting topic.

For me I like to work hard at what ever I do any thing less is wasting my time and wasting my life. I was happy to do that for an employer and put in far more than what I was paid for. That was fine until the company went in a direction that I totally disagreed with. I wasn’t able to change the strategy so it was put-up and shut up or GFO. Now I make my own rules and couldn’t go back.

It took me about 4 years to equal my income as an employee, my first year I earned about $10k. There have been days when I indulged in a furtive skulk around Seek.com to kind of get an idea of what I was worth, but I can’t remember the last time. I think I am pretty much unemployable now.

‘Lifestyle’ is a funny one. I like the self employed lifestyle which is lots of work and your business becomes so entwined in your personal life you don’t know where one ends and one starts. Am I working now, making business contacts, getting a profile in a business forum or am I just kicking back during my lunch? I don’t know. I enjoy learning about web sites and web marketing, is that work or a hobby?

At present I don’t know what the market value of my business is as I have no intention of selling but I have had to remind myself over the years,your building a business that’s where the value is not the wage.