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Hello again!
I’m answering this because I’ve experienced it firsthand… If your target market are the local neighbourhood, and you’ve got a compelling and easy sales pitch ready – then yes. Otherwise no!

Recently I had someone come to my door. It doesn’t happen very often. I opened it to meet a guy from one of the local real estate agents. He introduced himself politely, asked me if I had heard about some recent sales in the area? Then he gave me a brochure with some recent sales stats. He asked me if I was a renter or home owner, and if I was in the market to buy or sell in the next 12 months? Regardless of my answers, he gave me a warm smile, said it was nice to meet me and was on his way.

It was an easy chat, quick (no more than 3 minutes), and I now know him personally. There are about 7 real estate agents within 2kms of my house. If I was in the market to buy or sell in the next 12 months, I know for sure that I will go to this guy first, because he has made such a positive impression on me.

He wasn’t pushy, he was friendly. He wasn’t SELLING a product: he was giving me information. the purpose of the house call was simply to introduce himself. I say it was a very smart way for him to market himself and his Agency, and in that example it worked.

So think about who your target market is, and the purpose of the house call.