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draz, post: 24342 wrote:
Do you believe it’s through the information that is on your website, or through word of mouth or something else?

Hey Draz,

Good question. I would say the answer is education via your channel/agent. What I mean by ‘channel/agent’ is every place that a customer views your business, speaks to you, sees an ad, etc.. so yes that’s a website and it’s also in your other marketing activities.

The website is the most important, if that is how your customers read up about you. So creating a free report or download on your website is a great way to provide education to prospects, and also get their data so you can continue marketing to them. Essentially marketing is education, with a sales component.

Word of mouth referrals are extremely strong… and you can ask for these too. Depending on your industry and who your target market is, you will need to figure out what your prospects want.. what their problems are… and create your marketing accordingly.

Good luck:)