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Wow, I really appreciate the prompt and useful feedback guys

bradzo, post: 24409 wrote:
What about – “Almost as thick as your credit card?”
Just a thought.

Great idea! I love it! =) I try to steer clear of as much jargon as I can, but sometimes It’s hard for me to tell whats jargon and whats not … Thanks for clearing it up.

FletcherTax, post: 24410 wrote:

I think the flyer looks great! I myself will take up your letterheads offer in a week or two.

Don’t know about other fellow accountants – but we very seldom send out flyers – very low response rate. May I suggest putting another product in the mix?

Or a combo deal? So many printers do combo deals where 2 products are useful and the 3rd is useless. Maybe a letterhead and with comps slip package?



Fantastic to hear!

That is a good point actually now you mention it, I sell many more with compliment slips to that market than I do flyers. I will update it to have with compliments instead of flyers.

I’ve steered clear of packages for the exact reason you mentioned, however, a letterhead / with compliments package is a good idea … They do go hand in hand.

(Looking forward to printing your letterheads =)