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Thanks for the post!

You make a good point, it may be an idea to turn the flyer around slightly and focus more toward the benefits of the card.

The only reason I like to state the pedantics (Such as card weight) Is I see quite a few advertisements from other printers offering “high quality business cards” when in reality, they are digitally printed, on a 250gsm card (Budget), and run through a digital printer.

This results in a flimsy, easily fading low quality business card.

Problem is … As mentioned before, printing terms are lost on most people outside the industry (and I can completely understand why! I think we have an obscene amount of acronyms (DPI, GSM, PP, FSC, SS, DS, BW etc etc)

I really think I need to send an accompanying book on what to look out for in the printing industry! Hmmm, now theres an idea!