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Good stuff emroy,

remember you product is basically made up of 2 elements:

1. physical (what it is) paper, card, ink etc
2. functional (what it does/means) benefits

People don’t buy the physical product they’re not interested
in buying paper or card.

They’re buying the fact that when they hand that 420gsm
card over to a possible high end client that’s important
to them that, that client is instantly impressed.

So what your customer is buying then is “instant credibility and impression”
that the 420gsm card provides, not a “business card”

If there’s one skill we could all get better at that would help us create
lots of clients and money would be to always speak to our customers
desires via benefits

Watch an infomercial and watch and listen to how many benefits they
stack on to one feature it’s insane, the more benefits we load them
up with the less the price concern

Just remember that the benefits have to make sense to that person situation