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Hugh Thyer
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OK, sorry to sound negative but its better to hear it here before you spend money and send it out.

For a start your offer is really weak. 10% off is embarrassingly low. It ain’t going to move people to action. This flier should be a lead generation device. That means 50% off. It means delivery in under 24 hours or its free. It means you’ll do 1,000 business cards for nothing for any order over $100.

Its job is to get people to try out your business. Because someone who’s given you money and is happy with you is worth their weight in gold. Whatever small loss you might make here will come back to you many times over if you treat them right. That’s how you build a business like yours.

And holding your offer open for 3 months is a mistake. It’s got to be a short timeframe to get people to take action. Otherwise there’s no urgency.

What other benefits do people get using you? Put them on the flier, and fill the back up with testimonials.