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Thanks for your post mate.

Hmm, 10% may be “embarrassingly low” but my prices to begin with are incredibly competitive. (Hence the reason the “price” is in the green – to highlight that fact)

The campaign also doesn’t go for 3 months, it will go for a little over a month (I’m not sending these out right away) but that was a good point none the less.

Its job is to get people to try out your business. Because someone who’s given you money and is happy with you is worth their weight in gold.
Hmm, I’ve always believed (and still do) that printing isn’t an impulse buy. Sure, some customers may be inclined to purchase some new products if their mind is opened to them, but the majority of my work comes from the “regular staples” in the printing industry (Business Cards, Letterheads, With Comp Slips, flyers etc) No matter how good my flyer, or my sales technique no one is going to want to order 1,000 more letterheads when they just ordered their regular lot a few days ago.

The point of the flyer is to achieve two goals.

– Along with the cold call and an email, get my name first in their mind when they think of printing. That way, there is a good change they will contact me.
-Reinforce that my products are quality, but still with a great price.

Do you think it achieves those?