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Hi Jake

As @willa mentioned, benefits go a long way.

I wanted some biz cards for my new venture, and went to Vistaprint in the first instance because they give you 250 cards for nothing (except shipping).

(Sorry! :( )

Anyway, as Hugh also says,

Its job is to get people to try out your business.

and I believe that’s exactly what VistaPrint do with the free biz cards – they’re not your “as thick as a credit card” variety (!) but see what happens next.

VistaPrint want you to register as a user with them – so I’ve been getting emails from them for all sorts of other products – flyers, magnets, cups, hats, pens – all with the same design I chose on the free business cards.

Have a look and get some free ones yourself – then wait and see the types of emails you get from them – perhaps you could incorporate some of what they do for yourself (embrace and extend is my motto) !!

Good luck!