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bradzo, post: 24387 wrote:
Hi Julie

Yep that works fine for me – I’m using FF 3.5.7

There’s an extension called FireBUG (I think) that lets you see what’s going on?
Might be worth a shot.

Maybe also upgrade your copy of FF?


PS – How are things!?

Hi Brad,
Yeah, I couldn’t live without Firebug LOL…when I use it for BusyBee this is the only thing I get:

501 Method Not Implemented

Method Not Implemented

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Nothing else.

In answer to your “How am I?”….well apart from the BusyBee thing, my pc is also being a mongrel LOL I’m hoping that “bald” comes back into fashion soon :p

All I can think of is it’s some setting in FF…but why only BusyBee? Why not all the Stalls, why not Simple Living Flea Market?? What on earth could I have inadvertently done to cause it…cos it HAS to be an IDTenT error.