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KeepitSimpleIT, post: 24394 wrote:
Here is an option… uninstall FF completely… reboot.

(Maybe export some settings)

Re-install latest version.

Test to see if you can still access site or not? If you can, re-install settings…

What happens now??
Nothing changed. I think it must have to do with something I did on BusyBee itself…I remember ( now), I was in BusyBee admin yesterday- checking on a settng to compare it with the latest Stall ( Prestashop is not very intuitive, though it IS quite illogical in places lol)….now, I also vaguely recall either uninstalling or installing a module on BusyBee ( to help with a config problem I was having on the other Stall)…..yes, yes, know…NOT the recommended way to do stuff, but sometimes ( for me anyway), it’s the only way to do it…and learn.
Soooooooooooooooo, now all I have to try and figure out/remember, is WHAT I did on BusyBee yesterday….biggest probem is- I’ve slept since then :p

Edited to add: I am a DILL!!! How could it be a change on BusyBee causing the problem??? LOL….the site WORKS everywhere else BUT MY FF!
Sorry people…it’s been a very long, trying day…that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! :p
Thanks KiSIT, and Brad…you’ve made me think a bit more laterally :-)