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Well, it was touch and go for a heartstopping moment! I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall FF. Revo removes the LOT.
I reinstalled FF…BusyBee works perfectly :-D

I reinstalled the most important plugins- Xmarks and LastPass.
I then spent a frantic few moments trying to remember my Xmarks login details LOL, and after getting that sorted ( it was SO good to see my 2Mb of neatly foldered Bookmarks back on the bookmarks toolbar LOL)…I logged into LasPass….and voila!

I will always wonder ( well, probably NOT always :p ) just which setting changed to cause the BusyBee problem.
I can say, without Xmarks and LasPass….my ass would be grass!! The most important thing with those 2 is to WRITE your login details in a notebook, and NEVER lose the notebook! :-D

Thank you everyone! This has been a pretty stressful 24 hours…but I can relax a bit now….thanks guys!

p,s. Keep your eye on the “Community Review” forum…Megsy Jane Handcrafts is about to go live, and I’m keen to show off the handiwork of the 3 wonderful sisters who own the newest Stall on SLFM .