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Personally I take information in any form it comes in…

The biggest challenge is getting your customer to use it and to get results.

There’s an endless amount of business building info products out there but your research has already been done by others before you.

1. Give your best ‘result getting’ idea away free so your customer can actually use straight away and get results fast – this helps them prove to themselves that your stuff works – some people give it away free without asking the visitor to opt in

2. make your lead product low cost – it should be very high value though – it should blow your reader away – but it’s really just a “name getter” to get names onto your list so you can identify those willing to pay real money for your information and also to set up a backend marketing communication

3. move them up your ladder of products – referred to as an “ascension ladder” – the reason you want move them on to more expensive and/or new products is (apart from profit) that if you’re not bringing new products to the table your list will become stale and leave to your competition for information you couldn’t come up with.

4. Innovate and bring more and more products to your list quickly – speed of marketing and product innovation is vital – even if it means introducing other peoples products for a partnership venture

check out companies like agora and jump on their “early to rise” newsletter for some world class marketing and product pitching

Introduce people with a low risk offer (money+time) just to get them on to your list and create a pathway for them to follow up to your more expensive products/coaching