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Eli Sieradzki, post: 24528 wrote:

Would spending my (very) limited budget on adwords be a waste of money?


Its worth having a go, it cost nothing to set up and as long you make your ad focused enough to filter out clickers who would not be interested it will not waste your money. You can set a daily budget of a small affordable amount and have a go. Remember you are paying for traffic not exposure. Do it directly with google it is easy to set up and can be cancelled or paused without hastle or contracts. Don’t set up a contract or anything with a third party adwords agent, just give it a go yourself and then consider outsourcing this later if it proves successful.

However, I think the trouble with your product and adwords is I am not sure that it is the sort of thing retailers will go looking for. I think you may be offering a solution to a need they do not yet know they have. Therefore the legwork I think will be in educating customers into the possibilities your software can open up for them. Maybe try brainstorming strategies for this.