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Eli Sieradzki, post: 24534 wrote:
Thanks for the reply Steve.

How much would it cost to see if adwords is any use? is <$1,000 even worth investing or is such a small amount a complete waste of time? You will find if it doesn’t work it will cost you next to nothing because it hasn’t generated any traffic. Set it up on a small scale and just see how it goes. For example I sell wheel clamps which is a niche within a niche, for this particular line I have a little adwards campaign running with a budget set at just $20 a day. If you don’t use up the budget then its not going to set your world on fire. If you do use the budget then up it a bit and see what happens. The thing with ad words is it is pretty quick to kick off and get results (if it is going to work). And you can turn it off straight away without committing large sums to it. The hardest part for you will be brainstorming keywords that people are likely to be searching on. Things like “business software” are going to be expensive because you will be bidding against Adobe, Norton, MS etc. and also vague enough that the traffic they may produce will just bounce straight away. So you need to think of the keywords that someone looking for a product very like yours would be using to search. Which brings us back to suggesting you may have to educate the market before you can sell to it.