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Are you guys serious in your advice? This product is ripe for Internet Marketing!

At a quick glance at the product, I could certainly see small businesses searching for this solution.

I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of businesses who dont know how to create PDF catalogues to send out to clients.. so some key phrases that come to mind ( I have not done any keyword research on these so not sure how well they perform )

How to create PDF brochure
PDF Mailout
brochure designers
online brochure

The list could go on – I can see some huge online marketing potential with this product.

Also guys, not having a go.. but if adwords isn’t done properly then yes it can be a huge waste of money… if you dont properly choose keywords that relate to your product/market, match your site, match your product and match your on page optimisation then you will not get a great quality score.. pay too much for keywords and not attract the right type of traffic and have an appalling conversion rate.

I have seen it happen to many times now.. and its starting to wind me up!

I just dont want to see advice given that’s not true.. its misleading and can be a huge waste of money for a small business.

Eli, if you want to go down the adwords path.. I suggest you read as much as you can on the adwords site, watch videos, read forums and learn about keyword optimsation (in the ad, and on your landing page), quality scores and ad grouping.. these things need to be totally in sync for your ad to perform well – or it is a waste of time and money.

Sorry to be harsh.. but there is nothing worse than bad advice!