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exstatic, post: 24592 wrote:
Sorry to be harsh.. but there is nothing worse than bad advice!

What’s bad advice about saying give it a go on a small scale!

What’s bad advice about think hard on your key words and make them focused. Well done you managed to come up with 4! Now for the next 100.

They do not have much money to spend and were looking for an assurance as to whether or not adwords was worth a try and we said give it a test. Of course with anything in business you have to educate yourself about it a bit first.

My opinion as part of their target market (B&M retailer) is there is a large market but they will have to go looking for it. And my opinion as someone who generates a $1m/annum turnover largely from adwords is have a go on a small scale. That is how my business was started.

Sorry to trample on your expertise. Next time I will tip toe.

Would they get better results going to see you and setting up a perfect campaign fully tuned to their web site landing pages etc, etc? Sure they would. But I am guessing they would blow their budget before you even post an ad for them or make them commit to a contract.

Will it be a huge waste of money to follow my advice? No that is what daily budgets are for.

Your advice is be afraid, be very afraid, adwords is big and scary and will cost you a fortune if you don’t do a whole heap of things exactly right. I think, on the contrary as apposed to say placing an ad in print, tv or radio media which can be an outright gamble one of the great things with adwords is you can dip your toe in the water.

I am advising someone to experiment with a few hundred dollars. I do this all the time in business. Test markets, test presentations, test displays, test this or that advertising medium. You do it cheap, quick and dirty and this usually gives you a starting point to see what your dealing with.

Sure there is lots to getting adwords exactly right and for my own campaigns I employ experts to do all the stuff you see as essential because I invest many thousands of dollars in it. But there was a time not too many years ago when I thought hay lets throw a few hundred dollars at this google thing and see what happens.

On the other hand Eli don’t bother testing the medium just dive right on in because exstatic is convinced its a winner already and he has already provided your key words.