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I dont disagree with you Steve, adwords would have to be one of the most cost effective measurable types of marketing there is at the moment.. and there is no denying that.

I guess I have seen too many people give adwords a go, spend a few hundred bucks, think its waste of money and never try it again – and see them missing a huge potential.

Steve you and I are saying the same thing.

What I am saying to Eli is don’t just jump straight in. Like any marketing campaign for a small business – investigate the best way to attack it, a couple of hundred bucks to some might not be much, but for a start up business they may want to see a return on that as opposed to using it as ‘test’ money.

I took over a client last week who was paying $6-7 per click (CPC) for a certain keyword in the adwords campaign they set up themselves.. we modified his adwords campaign, with the exact same keywords and was able to bring the cpc down to $2.. and increase his CTR up around 3% this saved him $200 in his first week.

$200 a week to a start up business is a lot of money.

If adwords are done properly, that few hundred bucks saved can then be spent on increasing marketing in other areas, like facebook ads or following up the leads you get, paying a cold caller.. or other offline methods.

Sure I am an online marketer and I have a vested interest in this market – but I don’t want or need Eli’s business.. I just want good information to be given out on this forum!

Thats the great thing about this place, there are people with differing opinions on how things should be done and that’s what makes this a lively forum and top quality info for other small business owners.

I hope Eli can take something from both our posts and work their own way through it – there is nothing like trying it yourself with some good information, advice and experience to go on.

Hope we didn’t hijack your thread too much Eli!