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The Spam Act now prevents rental of lists of businesses.

You can, however access lists based on people’s interests.

That said, email is very problematic because so much can go unread and caught by filters.

If your market is the CBD, then put your thinking cap on and generate some novel ways of getting your business name out there – if you sell ice cold drinks, get some poor promo people in overcoats with branding on it to hand out fliers with great offers and feed into your sales process that way.

Or get an artist to do some chalk art (themed to your business) on the street and have people handing out fliers to those who stop and look.

The fliers have a good offer that people can text, email , phone or visit the website to take advantage of. Basically look at response mechanisms that allow you to capture their contact details so you can market to them going forward.

If you want to use SMS (instant, readily respondable to there and then) I can help – just drop me a PM