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Dardee, post: 24634 wrote:
As I’ve mentioned in other threads I don’t mind Xero but the reporting is a bit lacking. Not having Payroll or Inventory does restrict its potential market quite a bit as well.

But saying that, if it was a cheap enough alternative I would be interested to offer it as an alternative. I will definitely speak to you about it on the 3rd.

Hello Darren

Yes it is annoying about payroll and inventory and the reporting, I have been speaking to Xero over the past few months and they are hoping to introduce payroll down the track, though at this stage likely to be a bolt on solution. If you are after flexible reporting and inventory have you had a look a Saasu, again has it’s faults in particular user security and no compulsory fields, I will keep FS updated as client of my has agreed to be a test site for us using Saasu from a inventory/reporting system, as I find best way to test an accounting package is with real live data

Darren the advantage of Xero is that it takes clients to next level from BankLink, as Xero allows accrual based accounting, I am also finding many business prefer to outsource the whole payroll function to others, saw Xero not having payroll not a major concern.

I find clients are more savvy these days and we must do all we can to keep up with Technology and more efficient methods of basic data capture to allow more cashflow for advisory advice.