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Thanks for your comments Anna. The system is extremely frustrating as it seems anyone can make a claim without having any proof. The claim is a age discrimination, I can prove this claim is false as I have other employees in the same age bracket that have been given the same opportunities as the one he is referring to but that doesnt seem to matter at this point. We have been to mediation but after I explained my reasons for giving the opportunity to someone else he still insisted it was age discrimination, it then went to what outcome he wanted and he asked for a ridiculas amount of money. So under the advice of my solicitor we offered a much smaller ‘goodwill’ amount which he rejected so now it seems the ball is back in his court to get legal advice and either make us a counter offer or go onto the tribual. I am not concerned about proving my case at the tribual but just how much it is going to cost me in legal fees to do this. I just keep thinking its the principle of it all….