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Well its a good afternoon for us because we have finally had a decision on the anti-driscrimination case against us. The case was heard back in November 2010 by QCAT in Brisbane, we were told it should only take the morning to hear and we should have a decision by lunchtime. However by 5pm after listening to him try and make his case all day and us saying very little, the member hearing the case said she wouldnt have time to make a decision now but we would definately have the written decision before Christmas. This was disappointing but after listening to him trying to justify his case all day we felt pretty confident. Well it is now April and we have finally received the decision. His case has been dismissed on both Direct & Indirect Discrimination. I was going to say this is a win for us but has anyone really won! It has cost us over $20K to fight this claim, not to mention the personal cost to our health due to stressing about this for over a year. So was it worth fighting? Yes, most definately for us it was. Would we do anything differently? Yes, lots of little things we could have done ourselves rather than rely on lawyers, which would have saved us some money.
The anti-discrimination process is all geared towards the person who put the claim in and it seemed that we were guilty right from the start.
I would be happy to chat to anyone that has this type of false claim made against them, just know what is expected at each stage would be a benefit.
We have been since tighten up all our processes with staff and contractors, as we would hate to ever have to go through this again.
Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments… they certainly helped.