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Warren Cottis
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Hi Jake

I think search engine optimisation and social media optimisation have lots of overlaps these days so we just call it SEO.

When we do a SEO project we give the client a Ground Zero Report which tells the client exactly where they are right now. The logic is simple… how can our client know if we are performing if the client doesn’t know the starting point they came from.

To give you an example… we started working with a client a month ago and they had a rather good website… it ranked 65/100 using Hubspot’s online Website Grade.

Since I had measured the marketing effectiveness of the website before and then at the end of the initial setup month I was able to talk to the client about a 28% improvement; the score had moved from 65/100 to 83/100.

SEO is not an overnight solution but the impact on marketing effectiveness does bring a lot of heart.

Jake… you said to also send you a personal email which I will now do with more detail