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DVDcoach, post: 24670 wrote:
These fees are quite reasonable.

I also created a business account with St George, and this account costs $60/month! I am thinking of finding another bank to work with.

Make sure you check ALL of the costs, not just transaction costs.


Tony Morris
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St.George wants me to sign a 3 year contract when opening my merchant account. Since this is a startup business and can fail at anytime I think this is really ridiculous. So I emailed BankWest for a quote on there merchant facility and they quoted me a staggering 0.95% per transaction, with a monthly fee of $2.00, no setup costs.

Now that’s what I call a comprehensive quote :) I just need to draw up a business plan, as that’s required for my application!

Whoo Hoo, so excited about this :)