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Now I feel paranoid!! A few days after I post a request for a website review, this topic comes up!

Personally, if this criteria was in place, I would be unlikely to have ever made enough posts to qualify, and would not have persisted with the forum.

I have truly appreciated and absorbed all the feedback I received, and am currently making changes to my site, some of which are already visible.

I imagine a lot of people come to a site like this looking for help/opinions/resource. If you are at this kind of stage of business development, are you going to be confident enough to rack up 20 posts of advise/opinion to other members?

I would also imagine it is pretty easy to determine which requests are “spammy” and which are legitimate requests for assistance? And you don’t HAVE to review every site posted?

That being said, I can see a role for a template for questions. Good for provoking self analysis prior to posting.



Adam Randall, post: 24683 wrote:
There are a lot of web site reviews in here now and the amount of requests seem to be increasing all the time.

A couple things I have noticed:

The same questions being asked of the reviewers after the initial request.

Some people with one or two posts coming in like crop dusters for a quick freebee and then never posting again.

I have seen on another forum that gets a lot of web site review request how they handle it and I think it would be good to follow their example.

To post a web site review request, you must:

1) Have at least 20 posts against your name

2) fill out a template of 20 common questions

This would stop website review spam & would also make the person requesting the review think more clearly about their own site prior to posting.

Example below: