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I use Linkedin and it is quite successful for me. When you set up your account make sure you follow these steps to get started properly:

1. Be thorough with your details as Linkedin can find people that have worked with you or are connected with you somehow

2. Search for all your contacts via Linkedin – it can search for your via your contacts – then ask to connect with them

3. Start a group or join relevant grups

4. Add some applications such as:

– Link it with your Twitter
– Reading list by Amazon
– Link your blog
– Link with slideshare

5. Once a week have a look at suggested connections and ask to connect, along with any new people you have met.

All the best! Feel free to connect with me here http://www.linkedin.com/in/amandagriscti

All the best.

FletcherTax, post: 24726 wrote:
Is anyone here using LinkedIn to its optimal use?

I decided to finally jump on its band wagon and see how it goes.

Any suggestions/tips/experiences are highly appreciated.

Thank you