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Karen Wardle
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The NEIS program and other grant programs are available that are government funded or assisted,

The NEIS program is not a grant program as such. It is for people who are on specific types of Centrelink benefits and strict criteria apply.

NEIS accepts applications from people who have a new business idea. Accepted candidates are then put through a business management training program and prepare and present their business plan to a panel. If their idea is deemed viable they then recieve a fortnightly NEIS allowance. In most cases this allowance then replaces the payment type that they were on previously before they applied for the NEIS program.

Simon, your situation occurs a lot with small business owners. They start a business based on something that they are good at. They rarely start it because they want to spend hours per day chasing up accounts and attending to administration tasks! Then because they are so good at what they do the business takes off, the paperwork increases and there is now even less time left over at the end of the week then there was before. Admin and accounts duties get put to one side and then things start to get out of hand.

You have taken the first step in that you can see already that you are going to need help once your marketing efforts pay off. And it sounds like this is already beginning to happen for you. It might be stressful but it’s a good stress.

I’m a very unorganized person. But i am great at getting the work and doing the work.
I just need someone to take care of my numbers.
I need a business manager in order for me to expand.

Simon, I would suggest that you make a specific list of what you hope to achieve from an assistant or business manager. You will need to determine what your long term goals are and what specific role this person will play in your business. Do you want them to provide basic administration and accounts assistance or are you looking for a business coach/mentor, or something else altogether?

You say that you have been operating for the past few years so you must be doing something right as far as your paperwork goes or you would not have lasted even that long :) What is your long term vision for your business? Do you have a business plan? Take some time to think this through and don’t rush into hiring the first person that throws their hat in the ring.

You need to be clear about what you want to achieve before you start looking around for assistance.

I wish you all the best