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Army of One
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Thanks so much for your responses guys – I really appreciate the efforts.

I have looked at the Intuit market place, and I found a couple of good possibility that may work for my client, one such being Open for Business which provides an online ordering / invoicing system that would probably suit my client.

However – according to the technical specifications the system only supports US + UK + Canadian version of QuickBooks.

I am going to see if it does work with the Australian version however (test using the free / demo version)

In terms of the cost, the amount spent annually on what my client would need using the subscription for the Open for Business web based application would be about equal to the cost they would have to pay a bookkeeper to do it manually – so it is not really a cost saving measure.

The end goal is to help him have better quality information to manage his sales team (distributors) and also provide the ability for the business to grow. This is why I will encourage him to invest in a custom web based solution. Although this will cost significantly more in the short term, the long term benefits are definitely there.

Also, if possible an application that integrates directly with QuickBooks without the need for importing / exporting manually would be preferred. I believe such an application would need to use the QuickBooks web-connector.

So – if anyone knows of any existing solutions or develops who already have (or would be interested in developing) such an application – please let me know.

Once again – thanks for the responses.