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Hi John

Thems fight’n words in this world ;-)

You make valid comments on the location of the store although say they can’t move? They need an alternative solution to make money using what they already have. Including an online shopping function so they can service everywhere.

I don’t believe not having a website is the end of the world but it is like walking up a hill instead of catching a train up the same hill – you will get to the same place eventually, just about 10 years after everyone else.

Websites can be affordable and practical. Although they cost money to set up, they can save you thousands in other forms of advertising and collateral production as you can use your website as your online brochure.

In an time where my 4yr old niece tells me to “Google it” when I don’t know something, I am convinced that websites are a necessity and that soon we all individually will need a website – oh hang on, we already do – its called Facebook.


john.sheppard, post: 24845 wrote:
I disagree…

Nothing on the Internet is free. It takes time. Time is money. Education is money, thinking…is money…every hour you spend costs you $20 an hour minimum (and some of us like to think we’re worth more than that). Think back on the amount of hours you’re sunk into the web? Has it paid itself back?

You don’t HAVE to be on the web to make money. There is as much opportunity to make profit off the web as there is on the web.

So they’re a retail store in a bad location. They made a bad decision, no amount of web exposure is going to help them. They need to rethink their whole business plan, not just get on the web as a quick afterthought. Without knowing anything about them, my suggestion would be to move, not get on the web :)

The web is hyper competitive, instead of one sports store 10km away you are competing with 1000 sports stores, one click away. The only differentiation in these instances is price. When you compete on price….it’s a race to the bottom, and the only person who wins is the consumer….

Competition pushes price down. As a business owner you want to go where there is the least competition…the web is not it for a sports store…

The internet is GREAT for niche markets, but there’s a whole lot more to the story than just get on the web…