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mybusinesshelp, post: 24848 wrote:
Hi John

Thems fight’n words in this world ;-)

You make valid comments on the location of the store although say they can’t move? They need an alternative solution to make money using what they already have. Including an online shopping function so they can service everywhere.

True, there are a lot of assumptions we can make, so it’s difficult to really argue anything but the big picture.

IMO (Without going into the reasons why), for a sports store the only way to get profitable margins on the web would be to heavily niche. That means changing their shop front to integrate with their existing branding or alternatively operating a different brand online. That is; The niche’s are highly unlikely to be compatible.

As a small business it’s all about niching…so as the owner you gotta ask, why not ditch that which isn’t working (the location) and focus on what does. For any business owner that is a decision not made lightly and it is very understandable they they would be hesitant to make it.

The other thing to note is that, as a business owner, you know your core business, if you don’t know the web and that is your core channel of sales, it’s likely to fail without considerable research. It all takes time and money, and for a struggling business….its more cost…

mybusinesshelp, post: 24848 wrote:
Websites can be affordable and practical. Although they cost money to set up, they can save you thousands in other forms of advertising and collateral production as you can use your website as your online brochure.

I don’t deny that :) At the very least a simple web page in the top 10 of google provides significantly more value than the yellow pages for most people and as time marches on that value will only go up.

Online commerce tho, IMO there are reasons to think differently.