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Chris Bates
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Actually I don’t think their location is bad at all, it’s just their excuse. I think it comes down to the fact the owner has no business sense.

They do have a niche (they could go deeper still), and they’re in an area where that niche suits, but nobody knows about the business. They’ve burnt money on the letterbox drops, etc. Didn’t work. The owner is clueless.

Two reasons for getting them online:
1) Selling online to AUSTRALIA, not their local suburb
2) They have such potential to form a community around their shop on Facebook (think Italians and soccer)

The business WILL fail on its own. Not because it’s in a bad location. Not because it’s not online. Because the owner is clueless, and isn’t willing to take the necessary steps to rectify it.

They ARE getting a website done, like so many other SMBs… But like their shop, that will fail, because the owner won’t take the right advice. They don’t have a strategy, they’ve got their last few measly bucks that they’re going to blow on a pretty looking website.

I will go as far to say every business NEEDS a website. Not just for a lead source, but for an identity. Consumers WILL make early purchasing decisions based on whether they can browse a businesses website online before ringing them. I do it, my wife does it, my friends do it.

BrightSpark was right… You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink it.